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The Greek grapes
Agiorgitiko aka Saint George

The origin of this delicate grape is Nemea in Peloponesse.The region of Nemea produces some of the best red wines in Greece, it also known as the small Burgundy...

Agiorgitiko considered one of the finest color Greek wine grape varieties. Grown mainly in the Peloponnese, but occurs sporadically in many districts of our country. Most cultivated land (approximately 21.000 acres) located in the area of production wines Appellation of Origin Quality (OPAP) "Nemea," which runs at an altitude ranging from 250-800 meters and includes areas of the county of Argolida and Corinth.
The variety is vigorous and very productive. Formed mainly in ligneous forms of education but also in Royat cup and accepts short pruning. Produces an average of two grapes per fruit stems, which are usually in the fourth and fifth node.
The grapes are medium-sized shape. Often observed finny grapes. The berries are spherical and are small to medium size. The bark is dark blue color and the flesh soft, colorless and juicy.
It is one of the richest Greek in color varieties. Used mainly for production of dry red wine OPAP and table, which has a deep ruby color is characterized by soft tannins and be open to aging.
The usual alcohol content, wine OPAP "Nemea" is 12.5% vol. This directly affected by the altitude cultivation of vineyards. Ideal altitude to produce the best quality red wines suitable for aging, it is between 350 and 600 meters, and the most common level of alcohol is 13% vol. For wine OPAP (Nemea) required minimum years of aging in a barrel a year. Aging can be reached ten years where the wine remains in the grape marc with more than six days.
In fresh wines produced from this variety are identified fruity aromas reminiscent of cherry. The aging of wine leads to the development of a rich bouquet dominated by aromas of spices (eg nutmeg), or even balsamic aromas (eg rosemary). All rights reserved 2009
Agiorgitiko Greek grape
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