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The Greek grapes

Grown mainly in the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and Crete, but in recent years its cultivation has spread throughout Greece.
Variety is vigorous and very productive. Formed a cup shape or ligneous Royat education and accepts short pruning. Produces an average of two grapes per fruit stems which are usually in the third and fifth node. It is fairly resistant to mildew but very sensitive to mildew. It is early maturing variety and is considered one of the best white Greek wine varieties. But must be carefully particular vintage date because when overcome the ripeness of the grape acids significantly reduced them.
The grapes are usually modest, moderate shape and density. The berries are of medium size, spherical shape. The bark is greenish color, the skin is thin and flexible, the flesh is soft, colorless and juicy, fine characteristic aroma.

This variety is mainly used to produce dry white wines but also for the production of sweet and sparkling wines alone or with other varieties synoinopoiisi. When vinified alone, gives senior wines and slightly aromatic.
Involved in the production of dry or sweet white wines Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP) "Santorini". Also often involved in producing the famous sweet wine "vinsanto", produced in Santorini, sun-dried grapes. Participates with 50% in the production of dry white wine Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP) "Slopes Meliton" produced in the Chalkidiki (the remaining 15% comes from Assyrtiko and 35% of the range Roditis). Athiri produced exclusively by the white dry wine Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP) "Rhodes". In Rhodes, the variety was produced and sparkling wine. All rights reserved 2009
Athiri Greel Grape
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Greek grapes
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