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Babatzimopoulos winery
Babatzimopoulos winery

Contact information
Anestis Babatzimopoulos
Arcadioupoleos 17
54632, Thessaloniki
Tel: 2310-519.705
Babatzimopoulos Winery

Anestis Babatzimopoulos is the Greek wine industry's most charismatic figure. Handsome, articulate and a preternatural storyteller, he is also a patriotic spokesman for the viability of world class wine production in Greece. In the past, ironically, he has been renowned for his exceptional skill as a distiller of marc while his reputation as a winemaker lagged behind. His extraordinary artisanal ouzo, tsipouro, brandy and mono-varietal apostagma (grappa) compete with any in the world, but his wines, until recently, suffered a little from neglect. Big changes, however, have already begun. With a new focus on winemaking and a fantastic new winery among his vineyards in Ossa nearing completion, Babatzimopoulos is close to achieving all his life's goals. All rights reserved 2009
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