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Domaine Hatzimichalis  winery
Domaine Hatzimichalis winery

Contact information
Choulevaina, 352 00
Fthiotida Atalante
Til.22330 23 172
fax: 22330 23 619

Vineyard and Winery B:
Arma Viotia
Tel & fax: 22620 72 144
Domaine Hatzimichalis winery

The Domaine Hatzimichalis has chosen to serve a unique ecosystem.
This lies in Opountia Locris, a site in the valley of Atalanti in Central Greece which is surrounded by Mt. Knimida to the north, Mt. Chlomo to the south, Mt. Parnassus to the west and the northern Eubean Gulf to the east. The main natural trait of this ecosystem and its uniqueness is the cool breezes that flow from Mt Parnassus to the sea and vice-versa, in summer and winter alike.
This is the setting for the four blocks of terroirs of Domaine Hatzimichalis: the Old Vineyards, the Lower Vineyards, the Upper Vineyards –all known for centuries as localities and vine-growing sites– and New Vineyards, the terroirs created by the Domaine Hatzimichalis. All rights reserved 2009
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