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Emery winery
Emery winery

Contact information
Stergos Hadzisavvas
Winery Manager – Oenologist
Gr 85100 Rhodes
Tel +30 22460 41208
Fax +30 22460 41209

Emery winery Rhodes

The island of the Aegean Sea where the art of viniculture and wine making developed for the first time during the ancient years.
Athiri, Moschato, Amoriano… Delicious varieties of the Rhodian soil fermented in the mild microclimate on the island’s highest Mountain Attaviros. Ideal for the production of wine of character and quality.
While the precious winery secrets, reaching far back to the years of the Rhodian Knights gently intermingle with the Mediterranean’s fervor and saltiness, Oinotheque Emery consigns values unchangeable over time. Since 1923, when Oinotheque Emery was created, the grape’s cultivation procedure, the must process and the vinification methods have evolved in many ways. The respect for quality, tradition and values have remained constant and have led the way to the third generation of the Triantafillou family, opening tasty pursuits and new horizons. All rights reserved 2009
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