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Gkofa Estate winery
Estate Gkofas winery

Contact information
Nemea 20500
Tel: 27460 24281
Fax: 27460 20045
Estate Gkofas winery

In 1959, Gofas family had the privilege to make their privately owned vineyard productive in two most eminent areas of Nemea, i.e. Koutsi and Daphne. Those days, Gofas family cultivated their land with traditional methods and produced selected wines using manually-operated means for vinification.  In 1998, Constantinos Gofas, brought up viniculturist, implants new international varieties creating exemplary wine blends. C. Gofas has put into practice innovative vinification techniques and has modernized the wine-industry with new mechanical equipment, achieving production of high wine quality. All rights reserved 2009
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