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Katogi Strofilia winery
Katogi Strofilia winery

Contact information
Po. Box 1092, Patitiria
Anavissos, P.C,
190 13
Tel: 22910 41650
Fax: 22910 38850

Katogi Strofilia winery

With over 110 hectares of vineyards at its disposal - some owned, some rented, others belonging to associates - in Metsovo, Macedonia, the Peloponnese and Attica along with wineries in Metsovo, Anavyssos and Nemea, Katogi & Strofilia SA is one of the most dynamic wine production companies in Greece. The company invests systematically in its vineyards, its winemaking facilities and its personnel and produces wines from both Greek and international grape varieties. The company has embraced two core principles: firstly, its wine-producing activities should be as environmentally-friendly as possible; secondly, it must do all it can to fully utilize its human and natural resources.

Katogi & Strofilia SA has also made a conscious choice to develop long-term partnerships with local vine-growers based on mutual trust, and to participate in the local community in every way it can.

Furthermore, the company has prioritized the development of wine tourism, setting up its own model wine-tourism centre in Greece. All rights reserved 2009
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