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Lyrarakis winery
Lyrarakis winery

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Heraklion Crete
Tel :+30 2810 284614   
Fax:+30 2810 288515
Lyrarakis winery

Lyrarakis wines is a family winery active in the production of quality wines since 1966. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website. Use the menu to navigate through the pages of the website, or switch to your desired language using the menu on the top of the page. You can also use the "search" function on the top right corner to find the content that interests you.

Undoubtedly there is no Cretan family which, in the course of time, has not been directly involved in the production of wine. For the inhabitants of the island this product has been, and will remain, the most beloved of all goods, which the Cretan soil bountifully offers us.

     Brought up in this environment, in 1966 the founders of the company decided to become professionally involved with the production of wine. The founding of the company was accompanied by planting some of the best local wine varieties, namely the white Vilana, and the reds Kotsifali and Mandilaria. The winery is situated in one of the most noteworthy vineyard regions of Crete, namely at Alagni, Heraklion, the most mountainous village of the appellation area (AOC) of PEZA. All rights reserved 2009
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