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Mediterra winery
Mediterra winery

Contact information
701 00 Heraklio, Crete

Tel: (+30) 2810 74 13 83
Fax: (+30) 2810 74 13 23

Mediterra winery

The path that has traversed the Creta Olympias in 1973 in the wine world is evolving and updated in 2005 where he completed the acquisition of 100% of the group of Mr. DEMKO. D. Kontominas. The company is entering a phase of dynamic reorganization that aims to rank among the most important winemaking forces.

Result of these developments is the creation of a new family of wines under the name MEDITERRA Winery Inc. and with a new brand, the sun. A natural evolution that marks the company's growth in terms of quality and the dynamic expansion to renewed activity and markets with a new spirit of functionality and development.

Having as a starting point for the island, creating new and expanding outside of Crete, products that promise to offer unprecedented emotional experiences. All rights reserved 2009
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