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Nostos winery
Nostos winery

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Manousakis Nostos Winery

Vatolakos, Chania

Tel +30 28210 78787
Fax +30 28210 78788
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Nostos winery

Philosophy of Manousakis
Over the millennia, the Lefka Ori of Western Crete have been abundant with the island's wild herbs; sage, marjoram, rosemary and thyme.  Each year they sprout to life in the spring, flower and fill the air with their unique aromas in the summer, then die and fall back to the earth to be reabsorbed by the soil...
The Nostos philosophy is simple" carefully cultivating our vines to allow them to absorb these unique aromas and flavors of the terroir, filling the grape clusters with their essence, thus capturing and preserving the incredible Lefka Ori of Crete in each bottle of Nostos wine."

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