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Domaine Skouras winery
Domaine Skouras winery

Contact information
Skouras winery
10th Km. Argos-Sternas,
Malandreni - GR-212 00
Argos, Greece

Tel. +30-27510-23688, +30-27510-91380
FAX. +30-27510-23159

Domaine Skouras winery

Domaine Skouras was established in 1986 in Pyrgela, Argos by Dijon-trained oenologist George Skouras. In 1988 Skouras launched his pioneering Megas Oenos label. Pioneering because he was the first winemaker to blend Saint George, a Greek grape (aka Aghiorghitiko), with Cabernet Sauvignon and with illustrious results.
In 1996 a small winery was built at Ghymno, one of the villages inside the Nemea Appellation of Origin zone and in 2004, the Domaine started operating from its splendid facility at Malandreni.
The winery is just under one and a half hours drive from Athens, strategically situated off the Athens-Tripoli highway, on the national road leading to Argos. It is environed by a predominantly eye-soothing green landscape stretching all the way to Mycenae in the north, to the city of Argos in the East and to the steep mountains in the South and West. The facility encompasses a spacious visitors wine-tasting, lecture and exhibition hall, with stunning views of the Argive plane and a magnificant cellar. All rights reserved 2009
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