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Wine Art Estate winery
Wine Art Estate winery

Contact information
661 00 DRAMA
TEL:+30 25210 83626,
FAX+30 25210-83632

Wine Art Estate winery

The people of Wine Art Estate share an enduring passion for the production of quality wines.

A passion, that has found its ultimate expression in the development of the Estate’s vineyards and winery at Mikrochori, Drama.

A passion for perfection that has led to the production of much appreciated wines…
The estate. the vineyards and the winery
Wine Art Estate was created by the civil engineer Yannis Papadopoulos and the architect Yannis Kalaitzidis, both successful professionals in their own field. Everything started on 1993 a small family vineyard in Mikrochori, Drama, Greece.

26 hectares of vineyards at a location known since ancient times for the cultivation of the vine and the production of wines, as indicated by the ruins of a Sanctuary of Dionysus. All rights reserved 2009
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