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The Greek grapes

Kotsifali color is a fine Greek wine variety grown mainly in Crete and occasional vacations. Most cultivated land (about 11,500 acres) located in Heraklion on Crete, where it is produced wines Appellation of Origin Quality (OPAP) "Prose" and "Arhanes. These wines are produced from the variety blend Kotsifali (70-75%) with the variety Mandilaria (25-30%).

It is a variety of lively and productive, with high fertility eyes. Formed in the cup but mainly in forms of education ligneous Royat and receive short pruning. Produces an average of two grapes per fruit stems, which are usually in the third and fourth node.
The grapes are usually modest. The berries are of medium size and oval shape. The bark has erythromelano color and the flesh is soft, colorless and juicy. Characteristic of this variety is its high sugar content that can easily get the grapes and the instability of the color of the wines produced.
This variety in itself gives moderate red wine color with high alcohol content and rich flavor. Usually, however, is mixed with a variety Mandilaria, offering abundant and stable color. The wine OPAP produced in Crete, from this blend characterized by the aroma and pleasant taste of the variety Kotsifali and the ruby color that offers a variety Mandilaria. This red dry wines, requiring minimum time aging in barrels for one year. All rights reserved 2009
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