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The Greek grapes

Variety grown in the Peloponnese, Central Greece (Missolonghi, Fthiotida) and Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece). Involved in the production of local wines (Local Epanomitikos) and other table wines. Diversity revealed by Vangelis Gerovassiliou and then others followed, and in recent years the spread is important as it is considered one of the most aromatic varieties of Greece.

As a plant is very strong, robust, productive, susceptible to botrytis and mildew resistant to drought. Formed in a cup and a two-sided linear string (Royat) and accepts pruning near the eyes or 2-3 long (loose tendril), especially when difficult conditions prevailing in the maturation and vortyti risk is high.

Vegetation begins in mid to end of March and matures late August and early September. Any fruitful vine grapes bring 1-2 large, high density. The stems are herbaceous, short and easy to cut. The berries are large, hole discoidal with bark thin as a moderate thickness gold yellow color and flesh soft, sweet and succulent.

The wine is Malagouzia senior, moderate levels of acidity, bold flavor. All rights reserved 2009
Greek grapes
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