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The Greek grapes

The variety grown in the largest area (approximately 250,000 acres),. It is not known origin and lack the evidence to lead us safely to the origin, but probably of Greek origin. It is planted mainly in Attica, Viotia and Evia, you will meet sporadically, but in other parts of Greece, also known by other names.

The grape, is moderate to large size, and consists of a bunch. The berries also moderate size, spherical, with thin but tough skin, yellowish white and succulent.
The robust nature of the face of disease, drought (see Attica - Mediterranean) and satisfactory performance (with economic criteria) on poor soils helped her to prevail on the above areas. Grown in cup and linear shapes. It is considered predominantly a variety of wine retsina.
Those wines come from the sun and poor soil of Attica (mainly lowland plains of the Mediterranean), is "full" mouth "hot" from the relatively high alcohol content, with a heavy perfume of fermentation, and relatively rapid development in aging them. Those from the cooler regions of Boeotia, the slopes of Penteli and Kithairona have more subtle flavor, is more "cool" (nervous) Because of the acidity and maintain lower alcoholic strength in these fermentation aromas are thinner more elegant.
The color of the wine shows bright yellow to yellow as aging progresses. Herbs dominate the fruity aroma of a great variety, white peach, lemon, kiwi, banana, melon, ripe apricot, strawberry, muscat, giarmas, yellow peach. In the mouth it is soft at first and often with low acidity in many wines reflect a weakness, as does the floppy without nerve. All rights reserved 2009
Greek grapes
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