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The Greek grapes

Crete white variety, cultivated in the prefectures of Iraklion and Lasithi and occasionally in the prefectures of Rethymnon and Chania, occupying an area near total to 3,500 acres.
It is strong, robust, highly productive, resistant excoriose, susceptible to powdery mildew, downy mildew, botrytis in (especially when the system configuration followed creates high humidity and lack of ventilation in the grapes) and drought. Shows good relationship with most of the subjects used in the past, as well as those currently used in Greece.

Formed in a cup and two-sided linear string (Royat) and accepts pruning near the 2 eyes. Best planting distances for this variety and the conditions of Crete are the 2,20 x 1,40 m (325 plants / acre). It gives more quality products in hilly areas, aluminate calcareous, and clay soils, which receive the impact of the Sea (favorable to the ripening temperature). Increased yield per hectare, short topping are factors compromising the quality of the grapes Vilana.
Vegetation begins in late March and matures after mid-September. Each brings fruitful vine grapes 2-3 moderate to exceed 350g, conical, cut hard. The rails are moderate, 2,4 g, as a slightly oval ball with bark thin, yellowish in color, mottled and flesh sweet, delicious, with  1-3 small seeded. The tracks represent 96.5% of the weight of grapes.
The wine Vilana when it worked correctly, to appropriate land and small-load per vine is moderate to high alcohol content, good acidity, moderately aromatic, with a tendency to oxidation, so it deserves attention in winemaking. From this variety produced dry white wine appellation d'origine "Lowercase", white dry wine appellation d'origine "Sitia (along with Thrapsathiri) and some local wine (from Crete, Lassithi, of Heraklion, Kissamos). All rights reserved 2009
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