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The Greek grapes

It is the noble red variety of northern Greece. Grown mainly in Naoussa Goumenissa the Amideo, the Rapsani the Trikomo, the Siatista Velvento a lesser extent to Mount Athos, Mount Ossa, Ioannina, Greece, Kastoria and Trikala. Overall, the area reaches 18,000 square meters.
It is quite vigorous and productive variety that forms a mediocre grapes, usually kylindrokonika and finny. The stalks are thick and the berries medium size, spherical with a thick blue-black skin, but colorless juice.

In cool areas with low yields per vine, can give a rich red wine, filled with a high alcoholic content, good color and several tannins that will help in long aging.
The profile of the variety: Starting with the color, we have been quite pleasing color, ruby red and purple so that certainly has all the gradations of age as aged red. The young wines are mostly shades of violet and purple and become as stale brick colors.
The nose shows complex. Dominate but the spices and red fruits, tomatoes in various forms (ketchup, fresh tomatoes, fresh tomato) present mainly in the new wines. The aged are becoming more notes of spices and animal aromas (leather).
In the mouth can give wines with a body of moderate to high acidity which together with tannins, require aging before consumption.Ageing the wine softens but does not cease to be a robust wine. All rights reserved 2009
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Greek grapes
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