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Santorini Gourmet products
Santorini Small tomatoes.
Santorini Small tomatoes.

Santo "captivated" the full fruit in freshly made santorini tomato juice and they offer you this rare taste all year round ! Use it in your recipies for a perfect  "Santorini" food styling !!
Santo tomato paste Triple concentrated
Santo tomato paste Triple concentrated

5 reasons why you should always use Santorini tomato paste!

1.Due to the triple concentration, only a slight proportion is enough to make your cooking superb ..
2.It is ideal for red sauce casserole dishes
3.Try the Santorini tomato paste sauce:
     Mix the tomato paste with olive oil, salt, capers, basil and oregano. Accompany it with olives, barley rusks and Santorini wine!
4.Compared to any other tomato paste, it is the richest in lycopene and antioxidants
5.Once you try its aroma and taste you will compromise with nothing less!
Sundried Santorini Tomatoes
Sundried Santorini Tomatoes

... for sofisticated recipes !
Enjoy as an appetizer or as an ingredient in your favorite dishes !
Santorini original tomatoes
Santorini Tomato Sauce with Vinsanto
Santorini Tomato Sauce with Vinsanto

Discover the full taste of Santorini tomatoes in combination with the distinctive aroma and the sweetness of Vinsanto wine. It is ready for you to serve and to enjoy with pasta or meat dishes..
Santorini Tomato Dip
Santorini Tomato Dip

Santorini Tomato Dip is made from tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, wild capers and wild oregano. Its full taste is irresistible with bread, cheese or barley rusks. Enjoy it as an appetizer or to accompany a crispy, cool Santorini white wine!
Santorini Fava beans
Santorini Fava beans

Fava is a legume which is being cultivated in Santorini for centuries. It is the most important product in Santorini, after the grapes and the tiny tomatoes. Its size is no bigger than a grain of thick sand.

The total cultivated area is about 2,000,000 sq.meters and the yield does not exceed the 200 kilograms per year.
Fava, is becoming more and more famous due to its distinctive taste in comparison with fava produced in other regions.

The seeding takes place during the middle of November and the harvest in May.
After the desiccation, the cleaning, the peeling and the cutting up, we package this unique product and offer it to those who seek for original taste!
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