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What we tasted...
Greek wine tasting reviews
Nico Lazaridi Magic Mountain vintage 2000
Magic Mountain red 2000 Nico Lazaridi
We had the pleasure to find this wine and taste it a few days ago.The current vintage available is the Magic Mountain 2005, so actually getting a well aged Magic Mountain 2000 vintage was hard...
We left the wine to breathe for about 30 minutes and then purred it to a decanter and also left there for about 30 minutes more.

The aromas of the 2000 Magic Mountain where intense and complex.The color of was deep red , the taste had many notes of red forest fruits in combination with spices and of course we tasted the oak in the good way not too much but it was there.

Chateau Nico Lazaridi gives this wine 10 years to age, so it was just perfect to taste the full potential of it.

Greek Wine Portal rating: 14. 03. 2010

Value for money :We where lucky enough to get it from a major wine retailer from Santorini.The wine is selling on the self for  65.00Euro.
Boutari Nikteri 2008
Boutari Santorini Nikteri 2008

I am clad to have tasted this new release of the Santorini Boutari winery.
The all new and very limited Nikteri is produced in the Santorini winery of the Boutari Group.I got one bottle from Mr Vamvakousis ,the general director of the winery.
The vintage was 2008 ,my tasting comments...A full body wine from the grape Assyrtiko, well balanced with intense aromas and a medium aftertaste.The high alcohol volume 14,5% is normal for this kind of wine.I would recommend to keep it for a few years to get the acidity a bit lower.

Greek Wine Portal rating: 15.05.2010

The Boutari Nikteri is a limited production wine
of just 2000 bottles a year.
Hatzidakis Santorini 2008 Mylos Assyrtiko
Hatzidakis Santorini 2008 Mylos Assyrtiko

I had the chance to taste the Assyrtiko Hatzidakis Mylos 2008 yesterday.This wine is made out of 200 year old selected vines located in Pyrgos, the highest location in Santorini.It is a limited production wine just for the French market.
The vol is 15% and that is rather high even for a Santorini wine...the color is deep yellow and the aromas strong as expected from a BIO (organic) Assyrtiko,citrus ,tropical fruits a lot of acidity but in a pleasant way and of course a very nice after taste.You need food to enjoy this wine properly...

Greek Wine Portal rating: 31.07.2010

The Mylos Santorini Assyrtiko is a limited production wine
of just 2200 bottles and can only be found in